Airport Hotels?


We just booked accommodation in Bali for the first leg of our next trip back to Indonesia. We are flying from Melbourne the late afternoon and arrive in Denpasar at 11pm. After having taken this trip several times, I have learned that staying at the airport for late night arrivals, and for unusual departure hours, saves a lot of hassle. Before I go on, this hotel does book out quickly (we almost missed out this time).

We have stayed at the Novotel Bali Ngurah Rai Airport several times now, and always book it well in advance of our trip as it quite quickly books out (this is both due to it’s convenience, but also because airlines use it as back up accommodation if flights are delayed).

You literally walk through customs, follow the signs to the hotel, and you’re there within a five minute stroll.


Amazingly convenient being able to enter/exit through the airport’s own linked footbridge!

What’s even more amazing is that when it’s time to depart, you can exit via the hotel’s own private gate to the airport! This made life so easy, especially with a baby or toddler.

But it’s an airport hotel, must be dingey and depressing right? This Novotel is a four star hotel (like this amazing, but excellent valued resort). While it certainly isn’t beachside resort living, it is a great motel.

At the restaurant we had some of the best meals we’ve ever eaten in Bali! The buffet breakfasts are generous, there is a spa with professional health and beauty treatments.

The pool is beautiful, and there is also a wonderful frangipani garden. During our last stay they were still in the process of developing a rooftop cafe and a poolside bar.


Rooftop bar/cafe

After having taken this trip several times, both before our daughter was born and now along with her, when you arrive that late, you don’t want to be dealing with the hassle of finding a taxi (or your hotel shuttle), making sure you’ve exchanged the correct money, to find that you have booked into a noisy room (the rooms here are well sound proofed) or a bogan party destination, or of getting stuck in the inevitable traffic jams when you just want to settle for the night. That’s why we always book the novotel at the airport both for our arrival and departure days.

As I mentioned, it pays to book well in advance due to the hotel’s strategic location and regular usage by airlines.

Novotel Bali Ngurah Rai Airport

Simple, quiet, spacious rooms that are super-clean after having been recently refurbished

I would recommend this hotel for your first and last night’s in Bali prior to departure. And if you’re stuck or delayed between flights, try to get in here too. It just makes the whole travelling experience a lot simpler, and that is what you need when you’re travelling with your kids! 😂

Once you’ve gotten through the first night of multiple wakings at this convenient locale, you can explore all that Bali has to offer (or make your way to Java – where we are based).


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