From Melbourne (in winter) to Jogja

We arrived in Jogjakarta three weeks ago. This trip, we’ve all adapted a lot quicker.

On our last trip here our daughter was an infant and came down with a tropical flu. It was only a two week trip here and meant that half our trip was spent nursing our daughter back to health.

This time around, our daughter is a robust 13 month old toddler, and also fully immunised (she was un-able to have her full scheduled and travel immunisations at five months – now she’s had almost every shot imaginable). She has had less illnesses here than she has in Melbourne with the Childcare plagues that go around (the last one was the awful hand foot and mouth).

I’m back to work now, and my husband takes care of our daughter while I work.

My work routine starts around 5am after my daughter wakes, which leaves me heaps of time later in the day to spend time with the family and taking our daughter to hang out with other kids.

Our daily toddler-led routine now looks like this:

4.30am call to prayer (wakes us all up)

5.00am morning walk around the village (kampung)

6.00am breakfast, and I start work

9.00am our daughter sleeps (hopefully two hours)

11.00am daughter wakes, lunchtime

13.00pm we hit the road and start the day’s adventures

15.00 daughter has her afternoon nap, either in the car or under a mosquito net at a friend’s house

17.30 Home, dinner, bath time, wind down to bed

18.30 book time, or Into The Night Garden show (screen time, I know, bad parents)

19.00 our daughter is in bed, and I’ve also usually zonked out by 20.00pm

Similar routine, different world. Toddlers, like small animals, love familiarity. We’ve tried to keep things as normal as possible.

I hope to share some more about our adventures as we go 🙂







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